What have you learned using this site?

Name 3 things you have learned using this site in any area of your choosing. Here is what I have learned.

Most men hate short hair on women
have the LOWEST body fat percentage or be undesirable
Short guys have it hard

What 3 things have you learned.


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  • More women than I thought like their sexual partners to be dominant because it makes them feel desired and emotionally close.

    Women carefully examine exactly what is said, how it was said, and the environment in which it was said, and try to extract hidden meaning from that. This is appropriate when the person talking is female, but almost always unnecessary when the person talking is male; males are MUCH more direct when speaking. Also, women tend to believe that males analyze speech the same way, but we don't.

    I have always heard and believed that women are insecure about their appearance, but this site showed me how much more insecure they are than I realized.

    There are many others, but I'll limit this to three.

    • I do examine men's words... hard not to. the insecurities are bred by men idolizing incredibly fit perfect looking women. Hard not to interpret that men want us to obtain the perfect figure.

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    • Okay, I'm glad my comments weren't seen as complaints! I thought you interpreted them as such.

      I don't understand the "have yet to apply in my actual life" thing.

    • I know men are literal speakers and I have yet to accept this and not analyze what he says.
      I'm a critical analyzer... lol. It's annoying even for me.

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  • More women are submissive than I knew and to a deeper level.

    a whole lot of people with a whole lot of skin colors are down to get down with every other color. Not everyone, but plenty.

    The more you reveal of yourself, the more people who like the real you seek you out.

  • nothing really. I already knew what I was in for opening a web browser to the internet to begin with.

    • After asking 59 questions and sharing views on 19509 threads, you learned nothing. Pity! :P

    • @YourFutureEx *ahem* 69 ;) and yeah not much really lol. i see it as entertainment so a lot of things just fly right over my head. i already knew insecure people take their insecurities to the internet so i wasn't surprised by that hahaa.

    • We are sailing the same boat d00d! :D

  • 1.) A lot of people are jaded, cynical, selfish, entitled and/or pretentious.

    2.) "Tolerant" people can be some of the most intolerant people.

    3.) A lot of people really aren't all that intelligent or self aware.

    So why do I continue to use GaG?

    Because there are exceptions to every rule and I enjoy the chaos.

  • The different walks of life there are around.
    I like reading tales of other's life. Each day and entry an exciting chapter to the book of life.

    I like reading it. There are lows , there are highs , there are tranquil windless days where nothing happens and we will have to entertain ourselves in all our little different ways.

    It's interesting to read.

  • (1) Repetitive questions on crushes are bit of a drag.
    (2) p*rn inspired questions are tedious.
    (3) The anon featured is been flagrantly abused.
    Why stay on the site, if you avoid the idiots there are quite a few interesting people with genuine questions.

  • Young girls are more naive than I thought.
    Females in general are just as shallow as males.
    If a guy is hot than most girls will completely ignore his player attitude.

    • You got that last one right. Imma player and girls at my highschool know that but they still go after me.

    • It's the "I can change him" theory

      "He will be faithful to me because I'm the WHOLE package."

      Dumb girls don't get it. sad.

  • ●There's a thing called as feminism.
    ●Kissing is platonic.

  • Don't trust people on the internet #catfish

  • There are people in this world who are stupider that I previously thought possible.

    • Did you know having sex standing up is a form of birth control?

      I'm kidding. I saw this response a long while back.

    • Oh yeah, I believe the reasoning was that gravity makes the semen come out before it reaches the cervix. So dumb.

    • someone brought gravity into this nonsense? I'm afraid.. smh.

  • 1) that men and women still don't get it... we can't selfish with respect to attention.
    2) That main reason for break-ups is a lack of effort.
    3) That guys are pretty much interested in getting their girls to have anal sex (seems to be a weekly discussion)
    4) That p*rn seems to be a predominant factor in our sex lives... which is sad!

    Sorry I had four (4)

  • I've learned that people are exactly as retarded as I suspected them to be.

    GAG is like the mob mentality in a clinical, controlled environment. It's kind of like what Facebook and MySpace were except with the added bonus of thousands of dumb questions.

    I've learned that women actually are paranoid.

    I've learned that men really do obsess about their penis size.

    And I've learned that everything that was ever going to happen in male/female interaction already happened in middle school.

    • That last one is scary.. my daughter is 2. I can't have her growing up as fast as these kids do now. I read a survey a while back that children as early as 9 were doing oral sex. wtf?

  • psychic reading lol.

  • in which food 1000 islands dressing sauce tastes better basically.

    thanks @jackkerouac77

  • Asking decent questions don't get many answers.

    Asking sexual questions get more responses if you're younger.

    I'm ugly.

    • True.. I've seen many legit questions get minimal answers. A girl asks about her weight, or a guy his dick and hot damn answers everywhere.

    • Exactly. But the questions on good things, really don't get jack.

  • People will throw themselves at the other users on this board in real life and they still come here and ask if that person has feelings for them.

  • GaG has undoubtedly made me more comfortable with change.


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  • Mine are weird!
    1) foreskin on uncorcumsized guys makes lube unnecessary
    2) a lot of kids are having sex
    3) guys usually don't understand the hints a girl is giving him

  • People like bunnies.
    You get paid in amazon cards for answering questions.
    Some people don't check their photos/albums before posting.

  • !. People lie a lottttttttt, don't trust anyoneee..
    2. sex, sex, sex, and more sex. This whole site is about sex -.-
    3. Almost everyone wants people to rate them.

    • Yasss... sex. I see it so frequently I honestly tuned it out as normal and not new. I don't look at the sex questions hardly at all.

    • I know, nothing new, it's an every day thing lol

  • 1) A lot of people have some pretty "in-depth" sexual questions, especially during the nighttime.

    2) People use pictures of other people, and claiming it's them to gain attention (like most social media).

    3) Many people ask questions with obvious answers, but just ask to fish for compliments.
    Ex: There is this one guy who asked for girls to rate him (in which he attained so much positive feedback), then asks a question an hour later asking girls if he is hot, then the next day, another question on my feed pops up from him again, asking what his best features are, again getting compliments.. We all get it you're hot.

    • Fake pics been around for years... then insecure girls found photoshop. Wow... it was all down hill from there.

  • Girls want to reduce their weight so they become invisible
    Boys want a dick comparable to a horse
    Reality is always somewhere in the middle

  • 1. Most people judge
    2. There are more nice, kind, and caring people than I thought
    3. In dating, guys can be as clueless as girls

  • 1. That there are lots of crazy people and I love them
    2. That guys are just as obsessed and emotional as women
    3. That no matter what size, shape, color, what have you... it will never be enough ;) ;) :(

  • I have learnt that people on line express much higher degree of sexist views than they express in person.

    I don't know if this is online people vs different people not online or the same people online speak differently than in person.

    • Oh gawd the sexist remarks are way beyond any... men really come out swinging on here. They complain about the women, but hot damn I think they are worse about it.