Wouldn't it be great if GAG did this instead of spending time on stuff like their last horrible update?

I'd really rather be able to just insert a picture in my posts from my photo library instead of having to find a link to post it.
How often do you have the perfect meme in your library, but its not anywhere online?
Rectify this before trying to find new ways to let people discriminate.

I just want to clarify that i do really appreciate the time people spend trying to make GAG better.
Ok, I said that. I'll go now.


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  • You can do that for questions, just not opinions. That was another thing that changed in the recent update. Now, when people ask questions, they can include a photo straight from their library on their device. I just wish they would do the same thing with opinions, I'd love to be able to post pictures in my opinions from my photo library rather than having to use tinypic or something.

    • Aw shoot, I saw that, I just thought it let you insert a link easier.
      I can say that it still puts your pic in weird places and doesn't let you move it easily.

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    • I could've done it wrong. I just wish they would've left that part alone.

    • @CHARismatic110 yeah, it is kind of complicated now. I like that we can add pics right from our device but, all those other icons are kind of confusing.

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  • I agree completely. I also don't have anywhere to post my pictures to get a link for them, so it'd be nice to be able to take that from my library to post it.


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  • you can upload pictures from your hard drive now... just click on the insert image icon when asking questions... you can also paste a link to an image anywehere on the internet... just make sure it's a valid image link ending with. jpg or. gif or whatever :)

    • Yeah... I found that.
      About five minutes AFTER I posted the question.
      It'd be great to have that option for your opinions though wouldn't it?

    • yepp, that feature is our list. Right now, you can paste the link to the image to your opinions and it will be embedded, as it was before.

  • That would be very useful... instead of doing all those extra steps of uploading the pic to tinypic. com :-P

    Also that means more people will post pics and memes on questions, which means more fun! :-D

  • that would be really great basically!

  • I wish gag would just make a version of the site so that I can invert the colors and have them all dark. Black background with white text would save me battery on my phone cause N6 uses AMOLED.

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