How can I get my article my takes promoted on GAG?

I just wanna share my love of female socks to everyone and nobody sees them.

Thanks everybody for answering


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  • If it's well written it gets promoted within 2 days of you posting it. If it's not well written then it might not get promoted.


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  • I have figured it out a bit.
    Basically, it's up to admins whether to promote a myTake or not.
    Usually, you can make your myTakes get promoted by adding beautiful pictures, adding a great video, doing less grammatical mistakes, writing it on current trends and by adding controversial stuff. It will certainly make it to get promoted.

    If your take won't get promoted within 2 days, then it will not going to be promoted.

    I think admins didn't like that varieties of socks.


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  • The admins choose which myTakes to promote. I'm not sure what criteria they use to determine if a take should be promoted or not though.

    • Hm that makes sense do you think my choices of female socks were good?

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    • " I'm not sure what criteria they use to determine if a take should be promoted or not though."

      have a pulse

    • @Watermelonoma Basically

  • I wish we could vote which MyTakes to promote. It would be fair :3.


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  • Sit back and wait to see if the admins promote it. You can't ask to have your take promoted, the admins just promote takes they feel should promoted. I was shocked as hell when my take got promoted an hour after being posted, clearly the system is broken if my take was promoted and featured.

  • NEXTTIME add more words AND make it look good to the naked eye ^^

    I like the socks but I saw next to no words so maybe hat's why it didn't get promoted.

    • Yeah maybe :P but I did one on hair loss and it was pretty legit and it didn't get promoted :(.

    • Post pics? or made it sound professional etc?

      From what I've noticed, it can be 400 words or even 2000. If it looks/reads good, it'll get promoted LOL I've seen some takes that made no sense, but they got promoted etc

    • Yeah exactly lol I think they are just bias lol I did most pics it was even a pic of Angelina Jolie lol

  • Blow the admins.