What are some updates to GAG that you would want?

So lots of people dislike this last update so how about we all just come up with ideas that we would all want in an update and that way the admin can just come here and see.

Here are a couple of mine:

1. an option to bold and/or italicize text, that way we don't have to put things in all caps to emphasize something

2. Being able to put clickable links in messages, cause seriously why haven't they let you do that yet?

Post some of your ideas



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  • Hi Toad-1,
    I've noted your suggestions and also other users' below.
    As for the gender selection while asking:
    This has been a long time requested feature in GAG history... It is optional though... If a user wants opinions from a specific gender, it's fine, it's up to the asker... Also, when we looked at the stats we are seeing that only a small fraction questions are being directed to a single gender...
    There was however a nuisance till Today's update. There was no indication whether the question is open for your gender's opinion or not...
    In Today's update this is fixed.. You can now see a gender icon next to a question which is open to only one gender icon.
    As you are aware GAG is continously integrating new features... And we appreciate your input a lot... We follow every site related question to get feedback.
    So please keep it coming... Thanks for opening up this discussion...

    • A long time requested feature by how many? As for the recent update yes at least now you don't have to click open the question to see if it is gender blocked.

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  • - Give us an edit feature.
    - The gender filler is useless and it needs to be gone.
    - Bring back a real-time type chat function thing because some people want it (I won't ever use it)
    - MyTakes should be promoted & voted by the community.
    - Poll options should be 8-10 at most.
    - People should be able to ask more questions.
    - For the love Cthulhu, fix the search thing. It needs an upgrade.
    - Include a "comment" box whenever people report shit.
    Some people click report only for the sake of it.
    - View count on questions (it existed in the past).
    - Venting topic :p
    - I want the "Would you date me?" and "Am I stylish?" features back but that won't ever happen. ;_; :p
    They were absolutely hilarious.

    • Some good ideas there

      "- MyTakes should be promoted & voted by the community.
      - Poll options should be 8-10 at most.
      - People should be able to ask more questions."

      I especially like those ones!

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    • And here I was worrying about your PR.

    • @despondency Why would you?
      You have more important things to do than worry about my "PR".

  • The best update @GirlsAskGuys could do is get rid of this horrid gender blocking thingy.

    • I concur, my vote is with you Canadian Rider!

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    • It all comes down to this really đź‘Ť

    • Hi there... I know you are not a big fan of the gender selection :) But please read my opinion on this question :) Thanks for the feedback... please keep it coming... it's really appreciated.

  • I'd like to be able to set it so my questions are only answered/seen by certain age groups, that way you get answers that are relevant to your life stage/situation. Kind of like how you can get answers only from one gender if you want (but I think the ones who are allowed to answer should be the only ones who can see it as well, otherwise it's just annoying to read a whole thing and then not be able to answer).

  • 1. Upvote or downvote opinion comments
    2. Seeing who likes or dislikes
    3. Having your new mentions on opinion comments highlighted so that when you get mentioned on a huge thread you can find it faster.
    4. Edit feature. I would use it often lol!
    5. Bring back the chat room feature.

    • #2.. was thinking the samething.

    • If your username is mentioned, now they are displayed on top of each gender section.. is that helpful?
      other feedback noted... thank you.. please keep us posted

    • @menguc that does help. Thanks :)

  • Most of my complaints are for mobile, but I'd like to see:
    •the arrows on the side of the screen gone
    •improved spellcheck
    •something done about the weird lagging the text box does sometimes
    •the submit button moved so that I don't post comments before they're done

    On the PC I'd like it if:
    •the alert button was on the left side of the screen like it is on mobile

    Generally the only thing I dislike is the gender blocking feature and the redirect to a different page after an opinion is posted.

    • those side arrows are extremely annoying!

    • Hi there..
      - Arrows issue noted, we'll look into that
      - spellcheck is a feature of your phone... GAG does not provide spell check on the site.. You can check your spell check settings on your phone
      - What is the lagging in the text box about? What type of phone and browser are you using? Can you give me more info.
      - Same with submit button.. can you send me a screenshot please

      - desktop notification center location noted, we will investigate that
      - where would you want to be redirected after you post an opinion?
      - For gender blocking please see my opinion on this question
      Thanks for the feedback.. greatly appreciated

    • @menguc

      Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I don't really feel comfortable putting all this information in a public discussion. Is there somewhere I can submit the information instead?

  • I want them to create an app on both android and iphone platforms so I don't have to log into my computer just to use GAG... Going on the browser on my phone is annoying and it takes a while to load up GAG.

    • They have an app but it's really limited and tends to crash... The mobile version of the site is way better in my opinion.

    • I have an android and it isn't on my phone... probably only for iOS platforms

    • mobile version's speed performance should be better now, can you confirm that?
      mobile app... a new one for both android and ios are coming very soon... little bit of more patience.. just a little :)

  • a way to see all recent (of the day at least) questions asked by just those I following without having to go to their profiles individually. it annoys me that I almost always see their questions days after they were asked, they rarely show in my feed.

  • 1. Let people send links through messages
    2. Give us more questions per 24 hours. Like around 10
    3. When u block someone they won't be able to see any of your info even if they are anon. like u click block and u can't see any post or questions from them and they can see yours. And they won't be able to see any pics u have up.

  • I agree with @klaatu51 ;( and I think that they should make the site a lot more accepting.

    Like I think that they shouldn't remove things unless they are really offensive. ;( but I like that feature. So never mind.

  • More personalized stuff for profiles because a lot of us like to be creative

  • an option to automatically block everyone who poses a question that blocks my gender from answering.

    • have you noticed most of them have been doing it anonymously.

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    • @kheserthorpe you can see them.. but you can see that they only have one box instead of two showing how many opinions they've got so far from the two genders. I also clicked on one that showed in my feed because someone I followed answered that question.
      I also ignore questions where the asker refuses to let the other gender answer since they clearly aren't looking for answers from people who genuinely want to help.

    • oh wait... i just noticed it's pretty funny to answer them xD

  • -Send pics through pm.
    -Group chats
    -Be able to see who Anon is.

  • I wanna see who viewed my profile lol

  • Not having to use links in opinions or messaging.

  • I think links in messages would lead to more creepy messages of guys trying to show me their penis


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  • Other than actually hiding questions you can't answer on just like how they managed the block filter for block lists not much. Everything else would be cumbersome.

    The only thing I wish, and it's for my convenience only, is that you could set what screen you are transferred to after you submit an opinion. I'd rather just go back to the recently asked instead of getting the "random/popular" question with a confirmation that what I said was posted.

  • "resurrecting" deleted accounts basically...;-)

  • - Allow edits on posts for 5 minutes, or possibly versions (like how Stack Overflow does it).

    - Search is bad, I use "something something keywords site:girlsaskguys. com" in Google because it is more reliable. The relevancy filter should SORT BY DATE in descending (newest be at top).

    - Mentions should bring the post that mentioned you to the top of the answers in the feed, not make your browser scroll down to it and say "press SHOW MORE button 7 times to reach the answer after searching for @Mesonfielde in the posts so you'll find the one that was the latest" because I think that's horrible. ALL posts that mention you and you have not seen them should be brought to the top!

    - DIRECT LINKING to posts, similar to how it takes you to whatever post when you are mentioned.

  • Maybe some mini games you could play with other G@Gers? It's unnecessary, but it could be fun.

    And this:
    Most people don't agree with me though.

  • Hide all comments, questions, profiles of blocked people,

    Amazon gift card prize up to 50$

    Kill the gender blocking feature on questions,

    At least 8/10 questions posting in 24 hours,

    Being able to activate, deactivated account.

  • Kill the answers by one sex only.

    Some chat function you can run through a chat client.

    Add a selfies/pics topic so the haters can block it.

    Organize myTakes into libraries ranked by helpfulness or something.

    • Oh I also hate the bubbles. On the 4s they chewed up too much screen space and I don't use them at all. On my 6 they're less annoying. But still a waste of space.

      I'd have to check the current update but some updates have been very screen inefficient in the messages area.

  • I agree about clickable links for messages.

    @bubble_tea sends me like 15 links a week and I'm tired of having to copy and paste them >_<

  • Edit comments/opinions/questions
    Polls should have at least 7-10 options
    No more gender blocking

  • Removal of gender restriction.

  • Past questions should contain the exact date

  • I want my opinion on top before both genders. I hate scrolling through all those opinions before I get to mine.
    Next I wish my past opinions and questions were more organised. According to week or something
    Even when going anon at least the asker should be able to mention people
    Last-- A wider text box for messaging

  • I asked a question about the gender filter when I first noticed it...


    .. I'm not a fan and neither are most, so get rid of that.

    Also the block comments feature is pretty dumb, I can understand blocking a user but blocking comments is usually used to say something bitchy and then have the final word.

    • On a similar theme if you want to filter anything then filter under 18 answers on certain questions for obvious reasons, that makes much more sense.