Why must a question title end in a question mark?

Surely it's just a title, to summarise what's to follow in the body of the question, and it's not neccesarilly best to phrase it in question format. Also, I sometimes have a question in the title followed by a clarifying note (often in parentheses), which isn't a question, yet I need to add a question mark to post it. I think it would be better if the title could be a statement or a question, or at least if there could be a statement after the question (that is they could require a question mark, but not require that it be at the end).

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  • Because questions end in a question mark.

    "Mainly interested in girls opinions, but guys feel free to comment."

    That really shouldn't be a title. It's more like something you'd put in a postscript, as it doesn't give any idea or at least intrigue the readers on what the topic would be about like a good title should.

    It's already understood that you're asking because you're interested in hearing their opinions, so you really don't have to tell them that. It’s pointless. Instead, you ask them what exactly you are interested in hearing their opinions on.

    Also, English is a very versatile language, so you can make just about any sentence into a question. And if you were purposely trying to be vague, then there are numerous ways in which you could have said it: “What do you think about this?”, “Do you have any thoughts regarding this matter?”, “Could you give me your opinions on this?”, etc.

    • That wasn't the whole title, there was question proceeding it. It's not the best example of what I mean, I just think that at times it could be useful to have a clarifying statement following a question in the title, or perhaps just a statement.

      I know. I often just add "Thoughts?" after my statement, or end a sentence with ", right?", but I think that's a bit silly.

    • There's enough space of 2000 characters in the detail box for you to add any statements or clarifications you want. I still don't see the problem here, because most likely you've got some real questions ending in a question mark somewhere in the body of your text. You just pick your main question from there, and that's it.

      And as I said, you can word anything into a question, not just by adding "thoughts?" or "right?" at the end of it. If those are mainly how you ask questions along with a "statement", then most probably you're only looking for confirmation on an opinion you've already made, or at least that’s how it comes across to others: “I think __ should be __. Thoughts?” / “__ is __, right?”

      How, why, should, would, what, is, can, etc. These are all words placed in the beginning of any sentence that will effectively give you a clear and specific question, allowing you to direct people’s answer to it and not let them go off on a tangent. So really, it’s just how you ask it.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Because questions are ALWAYS finished with a question mark. Otherwise it's not a question but a statement.

    • But it's just a title for the question, not the question itself. Also, I don't see why we can't have a question followed by a clarifying statement in the title.

    • The whole idea of GAG is to simplify asking questions. But placing statements in the question bracket, purpose is pointless. Statements may attract possible answers but sometimes without blunt questions, the answer-ee (not a word lol) won't bother to answer the question.

    • "answerer"

  • Yeah, I've noticed that too. It kinda bothers me, but then again, does it matter?

    • It's hardly a significant thing, but it is annoying and I don't see why it should be that way. I don't think it would be that hard for them to change it either.

    • Yeah, I agree. But for it to be the default, there had to be a reason for it to begin with, right? Makes me wonder.

    • Will if someone could tell me that be great...

What Guys Said 5

  • If whatever you're writing in the title as a QUESTION, can't be deciphered the way you want to with a QUESTION mark at the end,

    it's not a question. It's a rant.

    The site isn't called "GirlsRantGuys" :-P

    • I wanted to add this to the title of a question I asked "(Mainly interested in girls opinions, but guys feel free to comment.)" but had to add a question mark after it to post it.

      It says question title, I don't see why the title itself ought to be a question, or why there can't be something else following the question to add clarity. Admittedly my example isn't something particularly useful to append, but it's still annoying.

    • There has been many users in the past who would just rant all over the question and in the title, to the point us users would reply "what's the question?" / "where's the question"?

      Blame those assholes for forcing us to use questions marks in the title, not allowing up to come up with spiffy catch lines in the title. :-/

  • Because it's a question, and questions have a? at the end

    • Like sentences have full stops? :P

  • They actually make you add a question mark now before it just added a question mark for you on GAG

    • I know, it's even more annoying.

  • It's silly yes but let's not rock the boat. If we do we might end up in internment camps.

  • Why must the dog chase the cat?

    • To get to the other side.