A question about Moderator Professionalism?

I've just had a fracas with a mod, they behaved in an innapropriate manner and I was wondering what the procedure is for dealing with them? I've flagged their comments but I wonder if they see the flag and could cover it up or if it goes to the admins?


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  • Mods can't see flagged comments. Only the admins are notified of reported comments. So this mod wouldn't be able to know if you flagged their posts. If you're having a problem with a mod, you can always go directly to the admins about it also.

    • Thanks! Is that under the "contact" section where you've got options like featuring a question?

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    • You're a straight G!

    • Lol thanks for MH :)

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  • I will just answer here.

    Yeah I see nothing you wouldn't see on a private profile.

    It's possible ├╝bermods can see more since I believe they can temporarily freeze accounts so maybe they have some extra. No idea on that. But super mods and mods definitely not.

    Admins can see through anon and I assume see all posts from your account.

    • That's cool, he's a super mod. He basically went all smear campaign on me, I flagged the comments as member posts, I hope that was the correct category.

    • No, we can't. The only difference for us is, we can see an extra icon on people's profiles. Beside the report icon is a "freeze account" icon but that's it.

  • is it me? hahaa. anyways talk to an admin and they can assist you with any issues you have,

  • Technically we do not see reports, only admins do. If someone is indeed abusing their power report them and it will be dealt with.

  • Flagging will do the job but if you want to ask for some deep issues, go there :- https://www.girlsaskguys.com/contact

  • if they are mods i guess they can see who flagged them basically...

    • Do you know that for sure? What's to be done? Using mod powers for personally gain surely contradicts the community guidelines! lol

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    • Not true. We can't see anything you can't. We also get no communication from admins you don't.

      The only difference between you and a mod is mods can hide things for review by admins while you can only report things for review.

      Moderators don't see if anyone has reported something by the way - again that's only admins.

    • @kheserthorpe cheers mate, so if a mod claims to have visited your profile and seen your "true intentions" even if pretty much all your posts are anon, that's a lie?