Why wouldn't the admins reply?

I have contacted GAG more than once, like three or four times about an issue I have on this site. They seem to ignore me. Why would they do that?

I planing to delete my account. I don't feel like it's friendly or helpful community. I'm wasting my time here.


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  • I would post his name and tell everyone what he is doing so they can all ridicule him and block him. That way everyone will know what a loser he is.

    • If I ever did that I'm more than sure my question will get removed :( I posted a question about the issue previously but I didn't mention his name and my question got removed.
      Thanks for your kind response :)

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    • *High five* lol

    • Hey if nothing else it would make them address the situation.

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  • My guess is it's unclear whose job it is so it's nobody's top priority. The former community relations admin (I think that was her title) is gone as of about a week ago.

    It's also possible they don't care. What type of issue was it?

  • I have sent couple of messages to you, however I have not heard back from you.
    To repeat, your report has been investigated and you have the option to block users.

    • I contacted gag and my messages was I didn't know how to screen shot the messages and I have deleted them. So I unfortunately couldn't give you a proof, since you asked for a link of the private messages.
      Thanks for your response.

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    • Hi @Watermelonoma I'm around :)

    • Of course I blocked him. Could you give the user a warning?

  • maybe you communicated @girlsaskguys SYSTEM?

  • You should contact with using https://www.girlsaskguys.com/contact or message to @girlsaskguys directly.

  • you have all the tools you need to take care of this person
    whose harassing but you want the Administrators to
    send a warning to the person you want them to go above
    the beyond it makes no sense at all for sure but also
    i do believe people create some of their own problems
    i believe you and the person involved still communicate
    i don't believe you blocked them i think you have some
    connection with the person involved or you and/ or the person
    involved is playing a cat and mouse game..

    • I did block him

    • Well i hope you get this sorted out

    • The biggest concern I have is that he screen shot our private messages and he is sending them to people :-/

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  • They may just be really busy. How did you contact them? I have found that it takes longer to get a response when you use the contact function instead of messaging them directly via PM. www.girlsaskguys.com/user/girlsaskguys Try messaging them there and see if they respond.

    • I tried but still no response.

  • Because they don't know what to say to you or they think your problems aren't really problems.

    They usually respond when I'm formal about a problem. When I make spelling/grammer mistakes and act like a kid they don't respond to me.