Is there any editing of questions?

There is stuff coming up tonight that is very serious if true - Is there no way sensitive stuff could be caught and referred to the proper help before it hits the question page.


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  • Sure they could put up suicide prevention sites and numbers but i dont know how much good it would really do...
    That ad its hard to know if these people are being honest or just trolling for attention.

    • I'll take trolling for attention for 300

    • I know you think I am an alarmist old granny but someday someone could be telling the truth and if hoaxers knew it wouldn't make it to page they wouldn't bother then any post about it coming through would be more likely to be true.
      (BTW if I had bet I go attention seeking)

    • Thanks for MH :)

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  • users cannot edit their own questions, once they submit whats done is done.

    • Didn't mean edit in that way - I meant site control of questions - Just a lot about suicide tonite - Was thinking if they were caught and referred to helpline or something.

    • OOOHHH. well if it gets reported then yes the admins will remove them. i noticed 2 questions so far about suicide.

    • There was a bit of a suicide note about half an hour ago that kind of shocked me - I will work out how to report it.

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  • once you submit your question you can;t basically...:-/

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