What is the point for people on here answer questions by telling people they are thinking or worryng or caring too much?

Obviously for a lot of people online is the place they feel comfortable expressing their deepest thoughts and feelings. For them it's nothing like how they active express in the outside works and this is the only place they have a chance of finding out if anyone gets them.

Its fjbe if you have nothing helpful then just say nothing. But just bc you dont feel like thinking about what they are thinking it feeling is no reason to try to shut them up. It's not harming you for them to express themselves, why be insulting about it.

people are complicated and it makes a lot of people uncomfortable but just don't look. Giving a pat depends anyone can get from a news letter or magazine isn't helpful. And though stop worrying May for some shallow people seem helpful it's just condes ex in an d there is nothing intelligent about it. It takes no more mental ability or energy to say don't worry or don't over think than to swat a fly.


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  • yeah it must be frustrating but that's what you get with the internet. the full plate.


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  • People say that for a lot of reasons. Either they don't actually have a real argument so they put your opinion down, they generally don't like you or your opinion, or it really is a trivial concern.

    Like the others said you kind of have to accept that these sort of comments will occur and the best thing to do is ignore them.

  • They secretly know that they have a reason to worry but don't want to accept it.