Guys, is it okay if I ask a guy for nudes? just teasing? we already slept together?

He had a picture in underwear as a profile so I was teasing him with that, but I was thinking in asking him on text to show me everything... just for fun. will it be ok? we already had sex... or is it too slutty?


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  • Do un to others as you would have done to yourself!
    Are you prepared to show him a nude and risk it going viral? or damage your job prospects for the rest of your life, maybe your daughters boyfriend thinks you were hot when he shows the pic to his mates in 20 years... social media is going to destroy lotsa people in the coming years..
    Think about it, i never did face shots..

    • I won't send him a nude, no way. That he sends it doesn't mean I will. I'm cheater in that aspect