Any gagers that look like celebs?

I've seen a guy on here that look like matthew santoro, the YouTube wacko.
can't remember his name , but does anyone know anyone else.


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  • I love this question so much.
    I think...
    @xPoison looks like a cross between Shakira and Alicia Keys
    @Okamiii looks like Scarlett Johansson

    but you probably would have to see other pictures of them besides their profile picture to see the resemblance.

    Also @bananatossing looks a little like Penn Badgley or someone like that.

    • i think i'm split between the nick jonas lookalike, and the ones you've listed.

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    • I will let you know if I see him

    • I've heard looking like Alicia Keys in real life but never Shakira.

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