What is an editor badge, how do you get it?

i noticed a user here with that badge, while i was browsing the MyTakes section.


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  • It's just a new badge that the admins are trying out. I'm sure more users will be able to get the badge in the future. I was contacted by the admins and they just asked if I would try it. It doesn't really allow me to do anything extra, it just means the myTakes I write will be promoted rather than the admins having to promote them.

    You can contact the admins for more information, like I said, they will probably allow more users to have it in the future :) www.girlsaskguys.com/contact

    • oh yes that was you! XD
      i knew it has something to do with the mytakes.
      at first i thought you wrote a lot of mytakes that you were given that badge.

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    • going to start reading now, thanks again

    • @Asker Yeah, something like that. I'm not sure when they will let other users get it but I know that there are a lot of other people who write really good myTakes here so, I guess it will help the admins not have to manually promote so many myTakes, if I had to guess.

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  • It was either a Mod or an Admin. The Mods are all volunteers, you can learn about what we do in the FAQ: https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq/moderators#99

    • yes she was a mod.
      i guess im gonna have to resort to that link then, thanks!

    • No, the functioning of 'Editor' badge is that the myTakes of the holder will automatically be promoted rather than being confirmed by the Admins.

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  • yeah honeybee is the only person who has it atm. It's a new thing they are trying out. Just write a lot of good myTakes that are actually relevant, and they may contact you.

    • i actually have 2 already and both were promoted.
      that "new thing" is actually motivating.
      thanks by the way

    • ah i didn't know. and yeah np!

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