Can you be banned for owning two active accounts at the same time here on G@G?


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  • Duplicate accounts here are not allowed. The admins usually cancel the duplicate and give the original account a warning. If the user continues to make duplicate accounts, then typically all of the accounts are canceled.

    • Okay, got it. Would it be okay to make another account for the purpose of letting the public know that my main account might be banned, and if they would like to keep following/talking to me to use the other account instead?

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    • No problem! And thanks for MH

    • You're welcome. 😄

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  • Yes you can its not allowed

  • no, but they will close one of them forcibly if they find out you have one

    • Would they still ban it if I were using it as a back up account? I'm afraid that this account may be banned soon, and I'd like to let people know that I had another account. Don't get me wrong, I haven't made another account though.

    • i dont think that would fly with the admins

    • Alright thanks.

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