Should GAG allow questions where the asker's gender can be unknown?

Just as GAG allows people to ask questions anonymously, should GAG also allow question askers' genders to be unknown? What are the pros and cons?


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  • GirlsAskGuys should implement it for beta testing. It already has a lot of useless features. It should take a risk.

    ●The site is based on gender
    ●Opinions will lack rigidity and genuineness
    ●It'll increase trolling

    ●It'd help asker in getting non partial opinions
    ●It will open more possibilities of questions
    ●Would increase security in one way


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  • No. I don't see what the point of that would be. I also don't see the point of letting people be anonymous on here (that's why you get the repetitive questions and those people who personally flame boards).

    If someone has an opinion that they know or think will warrant a lot of "hate", they can keep it to themselves or find a "tactful" way to let it out. But other than that, you'll just get a lot of people asking "Why do white girls only go out with black/hispanic men instead of white guys?"

    • It could be useful if a person wants to see if a question is handled differently because of the gender of the asker. This is something I've long suspected to be the case.

    • How many people would do such a thing though? I would be interested, but I don't think most people would like to do that.

    • How many people would do such a thing? I have no idea. But we'll never know until we try it, now will we?

  • That would defeat the entire purpose of GAG

    • Not in all cases. Besides, it would be entirely up the asker. If he or she wants to defeat the purpose, that would be his or her choice.

  • It's called GAG girls ask guys? guys ask girls for a reason. mind you with this gender blocking I have come across a few questions where girls blocked out the guys from answering.


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  • snce the site is called girlsaskguys that would be kinda weird basically... no?

  • Why should that be?