How the hell does this site work?

Help me out. I'm fucking lost!!


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  • You register, you ask and answer questions, you can also share your take on things, and you can private message people who have that option set to enabled. The search engine is crap, though. I always use google with parameter "site:girlsaskguys. com" for that.

  • What help you want

    • Just wasn't too sure what the actual site was, chat room, questions etc but seems to be a little bit of everything

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    • Ask questions what you have in your mind and and you will some amazing persons then if you got any personal problem then tell your to any of that a! zing person you have meet in private message then you will get help
      Hope this will help you

    • By the way small suggestion the way you ask this question may leads you to get bad attention toward you so use some nice words to ask question
      If you like my suggestion then take it otherwise forget it

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