If you had to pick any member from GAG to knock on your door and bring you breakfast, who would you choose?

Just a silly question. Also what breakfast food(s) and drink would you like to have?

I think everybody deserves a little TLC


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  • I don't need anyone for that bc I respect girls I met here n I don't know any guys here but I would like to have half fry egg with brown bread n butter with chocolate 🍫 cake n milk 😜 ... are you going to bring me all this like Santa 🎅?

    • I think this has to be the cutest opinion I have seen in all of the Gag opinions for the past entire 4 years I have been on here.

    • I don't know what to say but thanks 😊 hotty

    • A very big thank you 😊 for mho😊 by the way are you single BC I'm ready to mingle LOL 😁

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