Do I need a premium membership to post pictures in threads?


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  • There is no premium membership on this site.

    When you reach level 2, you can post pictures. You earn Xper points and reach level 2 by being active on the site.

    On your own questions and takes you can either upload your own photos, or copy & paste the link to a photo. When you post opinions, you'll have to paste the photo's link.
    Photos will not show up in question updates or opinion comments.
    The FAQ explains how to add pictures to your posts and what the limits are and such:


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  • The FAQ explains which Xper levels can do what. Following the guide under "What Xper Levels determine my capabilities?" you can embed links once you get to Xper lv 2.

    But like mistninja314 said, it doesn't take long at all and you'll earn the ability to embed things soon :)

  • You just need to know how to copy and paste a link correctly.

    • You mean photo's have to be hosted? no browse window?

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    • Are you saying I can paste a photobucket IMG or does this site provide a browse window when I reach Xper 2

    • You just copy a damn link and paste. I don't understand the difficulty.

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    • Thanks, is there a charge for Xper level 2 ?

    • Nope just comment on threads, post questions overall just be active and in the next hour or 2 you should be rank 2 If i'm right ^_^

    • Well that's just too easy, thanks !

  • No, you need to have been an active member for a short time. There is no membership fees.

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