Are myTakes actually screened?

I periodically come and go from this site and recently found the new myTake feature and was happy to see that something was in place from the former "Articles" feature. A year ago I had originally wanted to create articles for the site under the discretion of those who review GaG content, but learned that it was a feature they had done away with and had no intention of bringing back.

Now we have myTake, which is basically the same thing as submitting an article, which is great! I have no qualms with the content of anyone's myTakes, but I am a bit surprised that they aren't polished up a bit, fit for being published as something taken up a notch compared to regular topics.

By this I don't just mean spelling and grammatical errors. Some myTakes are awful for this and some errors I can understand will fly under the radar. But also the wording of certain sentences that can be viewed as (verging on) hate speech while the rest of a myTake is meant to be opinionated. Are these sorts of things not screened and/or returned to the owner with suggestions on how to edit their piece?

Also, since myTakes are not topics whereby a MHOs can be awarded, is there some sort of incentive for those who respond who acquire more upvotes? From what I have observed, myTake is an easy way to write something thought-provoking, or to spout off something that angers the writer with no consequence from GaG should the myTake be viewed as offensive, and no system of "xper reward" to the readers. But please correct me if I'm wrong!

These myTakes are a representation of the site, and I'm wondering if these are things that may be considered in the future.


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  • The myTake feature is a bit complicated to understand for someone new. Basically, anyone can write a myTake, they can be written about anything the user wants to write about. However, they are subject to the same standards that any other post is subject to on the site. Which means, they are moderated. Any myTakes that break the posting guidelines are removed by a moderator or an admin.

    Promoted myTakes have a pink or blue lightbulb beside them and can be found on the promoted page. These are myTakes that the admins have reviewed and decided to promote, thereby allowing the myTake to have more views and typically more people will comment on it. From the FAQ, "Promoted myTakes are featured myTakes that we found to be really inspiring or helpful, full of information that we want more G@Gers to learn from!" So, the admins are the ones who choose which myTakes to promote based on their own criteria.

    Personally, I don't think all of the promoted myTakes are "inspiring, helpful, or full of information." But, it is what it is I suppose, it's up to the admins' discretion as to what myTakes they want to promote. Promoted myTakes also earns the user who wrote it 100 xper points.

    There are also points given to users who post on promoted myTakes.
    Again, from the FAQ:
    - Share your Opinion on a myTake +1
    - Share your Opinion on a Featured myTake +1
    - Share your Opinion on a Promoted myTake within 15 minutes +2
    - Promoted myTake gets more than 10 Followers +5
    - Your Opinion is the first Opinion from your gender on a Promoted myTake +2

    I hope this helped answer your questions, if not, feel free to comment and I can elaborate more :)

    • Sounds as if the points are similar if not the same as responding to Questions. No doubt that many myTakes are not inspiring to say the least, but it is a way to have one's voice heard about a topic they feel strongly about. Rather than someone asking a question looking for an answer, it just creates discussion.

      I only figured that being what it is, something regarded as a bit more bloggy, it would be necessary to have it cleaned up a bit before publishing. :/

      Question, do you earn 100 xper for every myTake you write or is it the one time/first time myTake you submit?

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    • It could have been in the very early stages when myTakes was rolled out and there might not have been proper screening at that time.

    • @Mesonfielde an admin promoted that, so I have no idea.
      @Asker thanks for MH :)

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  • I don't think they actually function the way they're presented as functioning.

    New people stumbling on the site can read this archive of conversation but all discussion is actually on the live feed. If nobody has talked about something in a few hours and it's not currently promoted it might as well not exist.

    So effectively the difference between myTakes and questions is minuscule.

  • Not too long ago, there was one saying how homosexuals were evil and needed to be stopped, and it got *promoted*.

    • That's exactly the sort of thing that should not be. It's hate speech.

  • Well, from what i know you can make "MyTake" and
    be anonymous, you can fix it so no one responds on it,
    they screen them for being proper enough to published
    and they Promote them for others to see..

    • I've seen those options, but I am seeing way too many myTakes with glaring spelling errors alone. I don't expect perfection, but using a spell check is too easy not to let some of them go.

    • Yes that makes sense well that's why i got spell checker on my web browser activated
      cause lot words i do not know how to spell.

  • Mytakes are a pain in the mass. You have to post an image with everything which I don't know how to do so I gave up trying to do one.

    • If you don't post an image, I've noticed they put one up for you. I created a myTake without an image and was surprised to see they picked one. I suppose it is to make the piece a bit more attractive to the eye. Most times articles and blogs featuring photos can appear journalistic and give the reader variety to look at instead of a wall of text.

  • Nope they let a few grammar errors slip by.

    • Geez, even grammatical errors I can forgive. It's the spelling problems in most cases.

  • Maybe, if they did, that wouldn't be a guarantee of quality control. I remember a furore when one of the mods posted some homophobic take, someone asked about it with a link... guess what got taken down first? lmao

    • A myTake on homophobia is something that people might be interested in reading, only if done right. If the person gives examples on why they feel the way they do without degrading or using hate speech against homosexuals it can open up responses from people to either help or give their counter points. Like I said, I am not picky about content. I think that as a representation of GaG, the myTake should allow the writer to be creative and speak their mind, but like all sites, there are terms of service and hate speech is almost always considered to be removed. People in "free" countries who defend that it is their right to free-speech don't always understand that though it may be their right to do so, but while using a site and being on the site's terms is another thing entirely.

      But content alone is just part of it all. Errors and hateful comments are just off-putting, and I notice most responses hit hard against errors before the myTake itself.

    • The content was the problem.

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