I am a new user here, please suggest me how to use this site?

I am a new user here, please suggest me how to use this site?

Is it free to ask question here?


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  • Hello G_oogle_Y_i_ndians_r,
    Welcome to GirlsAskGuys. It's absolutely free to ask questions here and you can give answers too. Furthermore, you could share articles here called 'myTake'.
    You'll earn Xper points for your activity which will upgrade your level and determines your capabilities. Plus, you can redeem your points for gifts.
    Remember to not to violate posting guidelines.
    All you need to know can be found here :-

    Have a nice time here. I'm glad to see another Indian here ^_^

  • question and answer website, its self-explanatory. just play around and you'll figure it out. make sure to read the rules if you're not sure about posting guidelines.


  • Hello! Ask anything you wish! It's free!

  • When you know an interesting question, ask it... and in the meantime give many many opinions and interact afterwards. People will comment on your opinion, you can than react to that comments etc...
    Obviously, avoid to be offensive or start giving emotional opinions or comments. You'll make people feel uncomfortable and they'll avoid or even block you :-(
    You'll see, it's fun!

    • Yeah it's a mix... disregard the questions you don't like. And from time to time you'll meet "a creep", if it's over the edge what they say, click on their profile and use the little flag bottom right to report the person. You can choose from a list of reasons.

  • Yes, it's free. Just impart your wisdom and ask your questions. Also, make some friends and have some fun. :)

    Welcome to GAG. :)

    • Define Vulgar?

    • you will find all sorts of questions here, including sexual. I recently joined this network and it really is a great site. Rest depends on your taste man. :)