Can't respond to a comment on my answer?

I answered a question. Got a comment from someone and now I can't respond. It says comments on this opinion are blocked. Site fail. Now someone can block responces to responces? i had a perfectly reasonable opinion and now cannot respond to someone's comment on it. So much for the exchange of ideas.
I guess when you don't like opinions just prevent people from voicing theirs, and you can remain ignorant and self-assured.
This site is becoming a joke, hijacked by the opinions of mods, admins, feminists, and Christians. Instead of the exchange of opinion and thought, it is a sounding board for popular opinion regardless of ignorance and idiocy!


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  • Yeah, I think the block feature on opinions and comments is fucking stupid tbh. I think it's good you can block other users to avoid harassment, but what you speak of is indeed bullshit. If I want to I can block you from replying to what I've written on your question...