How can I become a moderator?


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  • I've been on this site since 2012 and I got an email one day from the site. I never asked. They'll find you more or less if they feel you are a good fit.

    One suggestion I'd make is to make sure you're as civil as possible with everyone on here and if someone does say something that you feel is inappropriate flag the message and just don't respond to it. Make it a goal to build up a good posting history with helpful information to people without getting flagged by moderators yourself.

    Also the "hint" they give in the FAQ is a good indicator of how to be picked also.

    "Hint: The success rate of a user's reports is an important criteria to be selected as a Moderator. You can report unsuitable content by clicking on the gray flag from any post. All reports are evaluated by the admins and the success rate on reports by every user is calculated by the system automatically. A user with a high percentage of success rate on reports is more likely to get a Moderator invitation."

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    • You're welcome.

    • I got of those emails when I first joined with my old account after just a couple weeks. I just ignored it. :/

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  • Do your time.

    I became a mod... last year? And I've been here since 2010.

  • Why do you wanna be a moderator? It's not like you don't have school to spend most of your time on.