Why does girlsaskguys. com remove some of our questions? how can the site ell its nonsense? how many did the site remove from you?

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  • I have been here a long time, and I haven't had too many questions removed. Definitely less than 5 .


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  • Yeah I had one removed today it was kinda wtf but what ever you got to walk on egg shells on a site asking for opinions. I mean I understand why some of my things get removed but other times im like really BRUHH. like when people post racist shit and other nonsense and yet it stays up. Mind blowing..

    • the site does not like weird or joke questions

  • Yea I have had a few removed. No big deal.

    • its not a big deal at all. I was just carious on how often a question is removed.

    • In 2 years I have had 3-4 pulled. Not sure if there are any stats on this subject.

    • it is an answer to the question.

  • Apparently I can't lobotomise kids, eat my neighbour's dog or enquire why people think rape is wrong.


What Guys Said 4

  • People's questions get removed if they fit any of the reasons that violate the TOS that were flagged for committing. So if your post is offensive and someone flags it as offensive then it will get removed. This site has policies that the users need to follow in order to participate.

  • Never had a q. The odd opinion. Had one removed last week. It had been many months.

  • I only asked about 15 questions, never had any problem with them so far.

  • Sometimes it's fair enough, I was bored and borderline trolling, other times it was ill judged censorship. GaG don't even follow their own community guidelines half the time because the admins are biased, if they don't want people to undermine them, they should be more consistent!

    • yeah they should. its annoying sometimes.

    • I think consistency is unlikely given there's no communication between moderators and no discussion about what's okay or not okay. There is nothing but the guidelines which are stricter then what's usually allowed in practice.

    • @kheserthorpe then they only have themselves to blame when their mission is compromised due to disgruntled users not following their guidelines! lol

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