Why do so many people on here not know how to ask a question properly, with enough detail that readers know what they are talking about?

Question such as:
-why did he do that?
-what did she mean by this?
-does he like me?
-would you do this?
-what do you think about this?
Questions like this drive me crazy and I just skip past them although if I knew what they were talking about without reading the details I may have good advice. You will get a lot more opinions in activity if you learn how to ask a question properly


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  • Secretly they don't really want people to tell them how they feel, but they do so they write as fast as they can

  • I don't know. I rarely ask personal questions.


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  • There are a lot of questions asked (publicly and privately) along the lines of 'please read this person's thoughts and future intentions based entirely on my flawed recollection of this minor gesture'.

    They are annoying.

    Also annoying, people who give you really detailed stories about their friend of three years and maybe they could date or not, and neglect to mention 'oh yeah we sleep together sometimes'

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