Another update, another loss. Should I give up the idea?

So, some of you might know and if not, then I want tell you that I've shared two myTakes based on site's improvement. I promised admins to make a third one too but they already killed my two ideas and now, third one (click to update site feed). I don't think I'd ever manage to complete it now because the site is being updated every week.
So what should I do? Vote.

  • Forget the concept. Promises are made to be broken.
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  • Keep collecting the ideas. The human mind has absolutely no limits whatsoever.
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  • It's just GAG. If you're this passionate of a person, turn that to addressing why people make decisions with their emotions rather than reasonable, rational, and logical thought.

    Or perhaps campaign finance reform and the new situations that have come up recently with that. Or teach "nice guys" why they aren't natural and why the "bad boys" aren't so bad. Or teach girls to not cling to stereotypes that benefit them while fighting against the ones that don't.

    But dude... it's GAG lol


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