Do you agree that there should be a side bar on the screen with the most sought after answers listed?

This will cut down on repitition so that we don't see the same questions popping up everyday. I get that new users won't know about previously asked questions, so with this side bar option it will keep the questions and most prevalent answers on the screen so those new users can go straight to that section. E. g. :

- 6 inches is FINE - stop worrying
- Medium sized with a nice shape (but hell i'll be happy with any really)
- It doesn't matter what your height is, it's the personality that wins us over

plus a few others

The GaG team really should install this feature me thinks


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  • I haven't asked a question in a while so I'm not sure if it still does it, but in the past, when you submitted a question, a bunch of similar questions came up and then you had to click on "submit" again to actually submit your question. Like I say, I don't know if that's how it still is but back then, people obviously still chose to submit their question even though it's likely the same or very similar questions had been asked previously. I think the thing is that people want "personalised" answers. They want to feel like people are answering them, for their more or less unique situations, and don't want to read answers that were for someone else. Even if it was someone else with the exactly same problem/question.

    So I don't think much can be done to stop people from asking the same questions over and over. People want an "individualized" experience :D


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  • is there a search feature so you could see if the question has already been asked? that would be cool :)


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  • No that's just extra work for programmers...