How reporting/removing questions on GAG works?

I'm just wondering cause they deleted two of my questions and one of my opinions
So i don't know what's wrong with these guys


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  • Hi thanks for asking. After reviewing your question, the title 'put me out of my misery' was read too literally and removed. It has been reinstated since. We care greatly about our members and so in cases where content might sound alarming we remove those items until further review. Thanks again, we want to do everything to make your user experience on GaG a safe and enjoyable one.

    • Girl what the hell you're talking about
      I'm asking a question and you tell me i wanna suicide!!
      if you really care about my experience bring me back my question and I'll be grateful because i was having this small problem and people came to help me
      Then what?
      The question had been removed...
      And for what reason?
      For nothing...

    • Your question was reinstated. We rather be safe than sorry so if a question looks suspicious it will go under review but usually the outcome is quite fair.

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  • i gues mods/admins should agree with the reason basically!

    • Agree for what man
      They've deleted my question because it's suicidal

  • You basically have to be buddies with the moderators basically, basically

  • It's biased, inconsistent and fundamentally flawed... that's how it works.

    • No one is perfect :) but the intentions are good,

    • @MonaAmour Y'all are discourteous and unprofessional!!! It's one rule for your mods and another rule for standard users, if you contact the user @girlsaskguys about this; they can't be bothered to reply. Intentions my ass! If you don't want people to undermine your community guidelines, you shouldn't be fucking corrupt.

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