GAGers, do you root Android or jailbreak iOS devices? What do you do after that?

GAGers, do you root Android or jailbreak iOS devices?. What do you do after that?.

Any one else xD?


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  • I root my Android device. Rooting > jailbreaking.

    What I do is right as I get the phone I unlock bootloader and root. I then drop on some xposed mods and root apps like Titanium backup and adaway. Then I leave it like that until I get bored and decide to change the clock speed, flash a kernel, flash a ROM.

    Right now I'm just chilling with my Nexus 6 with only bootloader unlocked and rooted with root apps cause it's been too long since I've used vanilla and I'm not bored yet lol

    Also if you get a new phone you can use your old phone as a server provided it still works. I used to do that with my HTC incredible (first one) until the charger port quit out.

    • Thanks bro.

      Have you tried making your old phone into a server?

    • Great post, all the necessary info is present in it, to get the true pleasure out of androids.

      Rooting is way more advanced than Jailbreak, no doubt. Rooting provides almost total control over device. This is why rooting is the true pleasure of Android!.

      Adaway also made my phone completely ad-free, a great recommendation by you.

      Never tried this server thing. What is that?

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  • Well... I use neither! I always prefer going 'against the grain', so I use a Windows Phone (which can't be jailbroken anyway). I can only developer unlock it, which I have done.

    • That's good. Microsoft Windows phone no doubt are great. I like their UI very much.

      How about using paid apps for free, possible on Windows phone easily?

      In androids, you don't need root access for that.

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    • I have a Lumia 1520

      Well... as of now it is not possible to jailbreak Windows Phones, but hackers are busy at work always so it might very well be possible in the near future. Besides, if you register with Microsoft as a developer for a small fee, you will be allowed to sideload around 20 apps at once.

      One more thing is, a few paid apps are offered for free every day, and you can just grab them during that time and they're yours to keep.

    • That's great then, i did some homework and almost all the famous apps & the ones i need are available.

      Small fee is no issue, upto 20 is perfectly fine.

      Great info :).

  • Yeah I rooted my Android.

    • Great. Seems like there are less people here who do this.

      Did you customize it?

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    • Well CM12 is Lollipop.

    • Oh yes, CM12 is actually lollipop based :p. But i used previous CMs too. They are great!

  • Had to because the default OS that shipped with my samsung is crap.

    • Which one was that? Kitkat? Which one do you use now.

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    • Tested on I9300.

    • That's good to hear, I might try the nightly build. Thanks for the info! :)

  • My iPhone was jailbroken for awhile and then I got bored with it and decided to update.

    • That's good.

      Rooting has same too. To get updates, you have to unroot it and update it and then re root it.