If there was a GAG app for mobile, what features would you want there to be in it? What would a GAG app need to know and do?

People have been saying that they want an app!

But what would such an app have as features?

What are the features that a GAG for app would have to know?



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  • Mostly the same as the current mobile version, just with push notifications. That would be convenient.


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  • - My Feed Notifications
    - Follower Reports
    - Banner / Popup when a question gets an opinion or when a opinion is is commented on.

    Really doesn't need that much. Just the re-sizing of buttons and tabs to fit a mobile UI.
    There's enough social aspects on GaG (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus), and the layout mostly has the all you need as it is.

    - Unlock unique features through Xpr rank progression. e. g backgrounds, icons to personalize profile, special signatures after post.
    - Voice-to-text


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  • There is an app but mobile is way better. I'm pretty happy with mobile so I'd probably stick with it even if they changed the app.

    • ... by "mobile", I mean a mobile app, not the mobile web layout

      I do realize this jQuery Mobile-like site is pretty decent on the phone
      although jQuery Mobile is a broken mess, I'd recommend against it for anyone if they start a project nowadays

    • I know you meant an app. They have an app. It's on my phone right now.

      I'm just going to nod along on your second paragraph XD

  • Push notifications in the top bar.

    Sort out the issues with messaging. Since I first signed up the messaging function has desperately needed looking at. The page format jumps around, It has a glitch which requires me to tap a blank space an unknown number of times until the message thread re-appears, also the character length is stupidly small on pm's. Makes it difficult for decent discussion.

    • Oh my god, so much yes! The messaging feature is the most useless pile of shite I have ever encountered.

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    • @MaskedSanity you're completely right, they don't pay any attention unless it's being whinged about in public... to the question section!

      I shall make a post.

    • I can sense a revolution coming LOL

  • Um.. there IS an app for GaG and I've been using it since I made a gag account...

    • for Android?

    • Yes. Well, I have BlackBerry 10 and I have an app called 1mobilemarket and I can download apps that aren't in the BlackBerry world. It has all the android and iphone apps. So I got the app from there. It's called "girlsaskguys" and it's great

    • Girls Ask Guys, sorry

  • If the app was identical to the mobile version I'd use it. I really like the mobile version.

    • What extra features would it have to know above the current mobile web layout?

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  • intriguing question, I'm all ears; following :)
    what is your opinion Mesonfielde?

    • I'm not entirely sure because I actually like the mobile layout too much, other than that sometimes it seems to freeze up on back button press which could happen if you guys are using jQuery Mobile's $. changePage ({changeHash : true}) without actually using a single-page-app merged html setup (which you don't)

      Generally if there's one thing a native app would be better at, it's not forgetting inputted text over time. Sometimes my half-written opinions and comments get deleted because Chrome reloads the page due to "low memory", while in a native app, it's much easier to persist in order to make sure it's not lost..

    • In the end, I like the current layout well enough that I'd actually expect the native app to look just like the current setup, just with native UI elements :p

    • cool.. noted... we are actually working on the mobile app.. so this is very valuable... thanks

  • Group chat.
    Smoother upload of pictures from your device/uploading pictures in your opinions comments.
    Nothing too fancy, mobile GAG on my phone is all right.
    When I use it at school I have to use a TOR browser but sometimes apps get past our security. Back when they blocked facebook the app would connect just fine.
    *note* I go to school after hours to use their internet.
    So hopefully an app would resolve that issue for me.

  • I would want the ability to prank call GaGers

  • Just like tapatalk app. Simple and best.

    You can also contact https://www.UCweb.com

    They also offer instant push notifications service for certain websites.

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