@Admins, why you had to remove "popular" tab?

I rarely complain about stuff, but this is getting annoying. At first my university switched to retarded windows 8, then yesterday Skype updated itself to terrible 7 and I had to downgrade it to 6.21 manually and block all future possibilities of update (never thought Microsoft is lame enough to push that crap through Windows Update!). And now, GaG.

I mean the "popular" tab between "Site feed" and "my feed". Why you had to remove it?

I know there's another one at the top that's accessible through "questions" drop-down menu, but questions in there are listed randomly instead of listing them by time they were posted.

Please, stop fixing what is not broken and bring back this "popular feed", thank you.


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  • We have noticed that the tab is not that popular among users. So, now you can reach popular questions from the top menu (which are actually sorted according to their popularity).
    There is also the little flame icon next to posts that belong to a popular questions on the feed.

    • In popular feed, questions with 2/3 opinions are also showed.. How can be they popular?

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    • Because it's rather annoying. You see an interesting question, you type a detailed response, and only then you figure out you're blocked and cannot respond. Time well wasted.
      Alternatively, it would be nice to see in overall who blocked you so far. "A country must know it's heroes", you know ;)

    • Yeah, wanted to ask for something like a long time ago:

      Can you add ability to edit your posts/comments or (if you don't want users to edit their posts/comments themselves) at least highlight in your post/comment what you would like to change to what, submit and if a moderator approves, it will be changed?
      Sometimes when I think too deeply I accidentally type some word twice while trying to find a proper way to explain my thoughts in English . Or just make some small typo.
      It's annoying when user can't fix simple things like this.

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  • That's what the cute little flame is for now :)

  • Never even noticed it was gone.


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