Do you hate this new update?

I am usually happy with updates, but I hate this one that has the popular questions with the my feed combined. So many are repeats because of many opinion added to them and now I feel like I might be missing a lot of new questions being asked. It was perfectly fine when it was separate.

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  • yes, we'll soon fix that issue... don't worry :) In the meantime you can select the buddy icon and hit "remember" button, which will save your filters and will always show you posts from users you follow.. Let me know how you would like to use My Feed better if you have any ideas.. thanks

    • This is now fixed, now on your My Feed, you shouldn't be seeing those opinions from questions that belong to a topic you follow... let me know how it works for you

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What Guys Said 2

  • I'd be ok with it if it listed like two opinions of popular questions, but it takes up like half my feed before I get to anything that's not a random person commenting on a popular thing.

    • I think them being separate was the best. We had a choice to see people's opinions and the new questions, which made it more organized.

  • I dislike the slight merging of the feeds.

    I wanna be able to stalk easier.
    not see what other random peeps have said


What Girls Said 1

  • I hate that it doesn't show when people have commented and only shows when they've initially shared an opinion.

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