Can someone explain this following?

Ok here it is. I have started noticing in my notifications that I am beginning to get followers , and that's cool I guess. The thing of it is I have no idea what that means or how it works , for all I know it's a polite way of saying you are now being stalked by ( enter name here ) ! Can some one help me better understand this following thing?


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  • From what I can tell, it just means that your questions and comments just appear on their feed so they can follow your activity on this site.

    • Thanks that helps a lot

    • That's pretty similar to stalking in my opinion lol

    • Right? I don't even know which direction I am headed in, so having 'followers' probably isn't a good idea lol

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  • Yah I think people just see your activity in their feed more.

    • Does that automatically tell them that I posted or made a comment?

    • I don't think they get a notification from it, but it will show up on their feed. Everyone can see where you've posted in the site feed but your followers see where you post prioritized in their personal feed.

    • I see what you mean. Thanks