Do you know where to change whether you FOLLOW a TOPIC or not?

I was trying to build a MY FEED where I can filter for only and exclusively Questions, and I wanted to see ALL TOPICS.

However, I couldn't seem to find the option where I can change what TOPICS I follow, as I figured it was in Settings.

but then I was like... oh wait, you can go to Questions --- By Topic, and then you can set whether you follow a topic or not.

Haha. Well with that in mind, did you know where to change whether you follow a TOPIC or not?

  • YES, I knew where to change whether I follow topics or not all along
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  • NO, I had no idea where to change the topics I follow
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  • IN FACT, I had no idea you can change what topics you follow at all
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  • Yea I knew all along.

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    • Well technically I didn't know, I started typing the question then I had an idea and it was there, then I was like "i'll ask anyway" but apparently I'm the only one who never really used these menus :p

    • I rarely use the menus myself. I only sort by age some times. lol hahaha

Most Helpful Guy

  • I LIKE how you EMPHASIZE all the WORDS you want me to PAY ATTENTION TO. It makes for EASY reading and BETTER comprehension.

    To follow or unfollow topics, follow these steps:
    1) Hover over your username so you see the list that includes Edit Profile, Messages, Questions, etc.
    2) Click "Follows"
    3) On the Follows pages, click the third tab which reads "Topics"
    4) Delete topics you no longer want to follow
    5) Wire me $5 for helping you


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  • There are two ways to do so:
    ●Tap the 'Questions' and then 'By topic'. There you'll find the list of every topic with a button to follow on each panel
    ●Go to your profile and then 'Follows' then 'Topics'. Scroll to the bottom, there you'll find 'more topics to follow', tap it navigate to the same page I mentioned on above point.
    Good luck :)

    • How did you use bullet points? Tell me!

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    • @girlscoutsrevenge eh. Modding the note 3 is a pain, because it is highly likely to hard brick. It is because the bootloader was locked, and every single mobile provider had their own version, with major inconsistencies between them. So it depends on whether it is international, verizon, etc. It is possible, but the S3 is heaven for it, while the note 3 is hell.

    • Oh that is a pain. My Note 1 is the international version but no idea about this one. I much preferred the Note 1 anyway so will most likely just swap with my brother. I don't want to risk bricking an expensive phone.

  • Don't you hate it when you've already written a question and then figure out you don't need help with it but you've already written it?

  • you just click on the topic and click where it says follow/unfollow

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