Who do I talk to if my opinion was removed and deemed offensive?

I disagree with whomever flagged my opinion as 'offensive' and think that an uneducated, unaware moderator who knows little about worldly events thought that my post of the Lions of Rojava were someone offensive. Little do they know that this group is actively fighting ISIS and has western backing.

Just ranting.. typical ignorant GaG mods.


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  • You would need to contact the admins. I don't know what post you're referring to but the admins can see everything that has been hidden/flagged so you can ask them about it and they will either put your post back on the site or explain in greater depth why they removed it.

    www.girlsaskguys.com/contact or you can contact one of the admins directly. Menguc is usually pretty helpful and understanding www.girlsaskguys.com/user/menguc

  • I do not think much can be done once it was 'Flagged,' Tokana... however, I have to agree with you that which ever 'Moderator' did this to you, they surely were, in lamen's terms Ignorant, meaning Not in the Know.
    What gets me they will allow Questions about penis and cum Quats but not about things People out There Should know about?
    I see now why our country is going to be overturned and taken over in the future by a Tyrannical government. xx

    • Some questions stay up for 15 days while "Does someone want to chat with me?" type questions get deleted immediately. Its so weird. le sigh.

    • Yes... I have seen Questions where I will Answer someone and have Thought "My Goodness, how Can they have even Allowed this Question to be here?" The next thing I see is that the Question at hand has Suddenly been wiped out altogether and no longer available.:)) xx

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  • You appeal to the admins.

    Did you know canada's former top general (randy hillier)'s son did a tour alongside the pershmerga?


    • Yep, and they decided to delete that post deeming it offensive. pss... looks like GaG Admins are starting to side with ISIS.

  • Shhssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The mods are gonna take vengeance upon you, they're gonna assassinate you! I say assassinate... because my comment was removed for saying something similar as this... I said '' Kill him, kill him now!'' In a joking way lol.

    • they went on a rampage on me after this question.

    • Lol, the mods? Mmmmm Mmmm MMmmm. I'd one up you if I could, but no one up question asker feature.

  • A hit man lol

  • Bruh, they deemed me saying 'Aw fuk bye', as "offensive" before, several times infact..

    • You know about 'awwww fuk bye' lol I was in that thread on bb. com when it started back in early 2014.

  • My question was too hidden for being nonsense, it was:
    Whats your favorite word, least favorite?

    By so called u/ s mods.

    But I can show you worst questions than it, which the umods cannot see like:


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