Who is most niceest person you have met in the gag?

Who is most niceest person you have met in the gag?
And why


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  • @xHoneyxBeex probably the champion of niceness on GaG. Even her "insults" are nice, ahaha. My long time friend for I think a few years now. One of the things that i look at in women (something they feel i don't pay attention to) is not only how they treat their friends, but also how they treat their enemies. It's easy to pat your friend on the shoulder. Its hard to pat your enemy. Honeybee is one of the select few individuals on here, guy or girl, who exhibits some unique characteristics where this is concerned, which makes her not only a good friend to me, but an irreplaceable one

    @BarbaraP Ahh a very sweet, down to earth girl who has a love for life and people in general. Don't make the mistake of not getting to know her, as there is value worth pursuing here. What makes her unique is that she'll probably give you more than you give back... so for those people (especially girls) here who are constantly frustrated at the fact that they seem to always be " the better friend " to everyone else, befriend her... and feel that way no more

    @BelleGirl21 If you ever wanted to know what it feels like to have your own personal cheerleader when you start to doubt yourself in any fashion, look no further than BelleGirl. She's at the top of my list, number 1, in terms of the least forgettable users on here. She's not exactly what I've come to expect of women from her age, but if someone told me that they found her to be unappealing, this would spark some surprise in me.

    @doctorwhofan23 i really do question if there is a mean bone in his body xD

    @mistninja314 a very solid, humorous guy who really doesn't let things/people get to him as far as I've seen.

    @RedThread A veteran user drifting out of GaG public consciousness somewhat, but not out of my consciousness. He's a very stand up guy from what I've over the years, and continues to be that way to this day

    There are more tbh.. but i just wanted to list 3 girls and 3 guys

    • That is so kind and it means a lot to me that you wouldn't forget me ;)
      I'm very blessed to have had you put into my life! :*

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    • YAY I finally got mentioned for something *Busting out random ninja moves now* LOL

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