Can someone tell me how much is the highest amount I can donate on Raven in here?

I mean in terms of xper points. For example
10$= ? xper points
30$=? xper points


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  • Whoooa, check this out. A convenient place that answers most of the questions you might have about GAG. Imagine that, huh? ;)

    • Don't be mad. FAQ's are supposed to be helpful, not a personal insult ;)

    • I don't think you do. Are you always this sensitive and rage-y, though?

    • Except that 100% of my answers on here for my entire 1 month stint have been anonymous? lol

      I really do think you have the wrong person in mind, Raging Reggie

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  • 7k Xper 4 $30 basically

    Donation to RAVEN
    3500 Xper points- $15 donation
    7000 Xper points- $30 donation
    Cash in your Xper points for a good cause! RAVEN is recognized nationally as a key organization to stop the cycle of violence in our families and communities. Redeem 3500 points, and we will make a $15 donation to RAVEN, noting your user name. Redeem 7000 points, and we will make a $30 donation, noting your user name.