GaG messaging: when will it be updated?

I know at least one other person feels the same way about the GaG messaging format on mobile devices, but does anyone else have any quibbles they would like to voice?

Considering how much work has been done to the site over the last twelve months I would have thought the abysmal messaging would have been addressed.

A few issues that I find annoying:

- too much header on the screen, you can't read the message to which you are replying.
- messages disappear once the keyboard comes out, there is literally a line and a half sized gap into which you can pear and squint to annoyingly jump and scroll through the message thread
- I have to randomly tap a blank space to make the thread reappear once I've sent my message
- the character count for one message is ridiculously low considering many people are trying to talk about quite in depth topics. A few sentences just doesn't cut it.

Would anyone else like to comment? Any issues you're having with the layout of the site?


The question is out there...
Thanks to @menguc for increasing the message character length from 500 to 1000 words :)


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  • Hi... Messsage length is now increased to 1000 characters max (used to be 500).
    I noted your other suggestions and we will investigate those issues.
    Thanks for bringing this issue up. I'm following other opinions as well.

    • By the way, what device and browser are you using?

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    • We'll see, but it also keeps ___ from wondering why hasn't Mist replied to me yet? since they'll see my name on their feed a lot, they'll also know that I'm on my way back to them. Talking on questions also seem to help me keep track of who I'm talking to for some reason.

    • Thanks for hearing us out, bro!

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  • #1. Agreed
    #2. This is the biggest bug in this site.
    #3. No it's not necessary. You can wait for a few seconds instead.
    #4. Yes, they should increase it to upto 2000 words at least.

    @menguc & @girlsaskguys do something

  • It would be nice to a have a more Facebook oriented chat system. What I mean by that is higher character limit, the ability to have popup notifications when recieving a newest message and the ability to see who is online. The chat system on here needs a lot of work.

    • I like that. Like I can still peruse the site and then a little bar on the bottom tells me when I have received a new message.

    • @Justacatlady exactly it would make it a lot easier to see who is online and then have like a little chat box or at least a little popup notification that lets you know you have messages and who the message is from instead of just numbers.

    • @girlsaskguys Please see aforementioned suggestions

  • I agree display leaves a lot to be desired especially when typing on phone.

  • I totally agree.

  • I agree 1000%

    I'd also add clickable links like they have for opinions

    I really hate having to copy and paste the url >_<

    • Yeah, and clickable links to GaG questions. If it's got girlsaskguys in the address then it should be linkable.

      Meson said that links aren't allowed to reduce the likelihood of spammers, which makes sense, but surely a filter can be applied to allow links to internal questions.

    • nice job for getting the character limit increased

  • "quibbles" my new word! I stole that :D

  • You dont seem to get on here that much anymore

  • I haven't been able to use mobile for a while, but when I did I was having the same problems.

    We should also be able to send links.

  • Yeah same problem here admin should take look into it

  • Even on laptops there are problems. Sometimes you have to go to someone's page to reply back. Hugs and kisses my lovely and sweet friend.

    • Hello beautiful! I got the message length doubled though, that's a small result!

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    • Caught em all

  • Nevaa!!! evaa!!


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    yes id like the following:

    -a character count of 1000 instead of 500 so I'm not typing out a billion messages.
    -to see which of my friends are online, not how long ago they were on.
    to get some kind of signal as to when i get a new message. i mean like a sound or pop up, as i would with texting. [which we could maybe control in settings?]
    -to be able to have a new window or tab open for every new user i message or question i answer. sick of 'right click, open in new tab'. so annoying.

    thats all for now.

    • The word count has been increased apparently! :D

      But online friends is a good idea.

      I don't think you can get a notification as it would have to be your browser doing that. If they bring an app out it has to be a must though.

      Nice suggestions, thanks :)

    • Yeah that would be nice and all good ideas. As I have a almost 3 week old message I'm still waiting for a response on lol :/

    • I've missed a lot of responses and only noticed them weeks later. By which point it seems a little rude to respond :/

  • It would also be nice to have the option of just hitting enter when sending a message on PC instead of having to hit enter. I know its not that hard but it simplifies things

  • Thank you for posting this!

    I honestly wasn't able to describe the bugs properly, but you covered them all.

    Hopefully, they'll get this sorted soon. :D

  • I have an i-phone and don't seem to have any problems with it... maybe I'm more tolerant but I certainly don't have the troubles that was mentioned. Only trouble I have, is when I have a link that is on site such as a pic link or website link that has been copied and pasted into the message boards and I can't do the copy/paste... don't know if its an apple issue or this site issue? apart from that all else is good thanks...

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