I'm facing huge problems with G@G?

I'm using Google Chrome on android anyway it's way too hard to connect
And especially when i subscribe my opinion


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  • What kind of problems are you having? And what do you mean by "when I subscribe my opinion"? Thanks for the feedback

    • I'm using Chrome
      I'm having a big problem sometimes loading the page of gag
      It always ends up by saying oops we can't connect to the address

    • thanks for the MHO... is it better lately for you?

    • Yeah it's cause I've downloaded a new version og chrome

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  • It has been really bad the last few days.

    • what kind of issues are you having? thanks for the feedback

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    • I think I had a problem at 15.30 and 19.00 BST today approx

    • thanks, we are looking into the performance issue... Please send me a message when you encounter any slowness..

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