What on here is considered spamming questions on gag?

Spamming in my opinion is trying to promote a brand of some sort and im not doing that in my questions, and yet my questions are being taken down for spamming? My last question was a rate this girl question which i have seen a lot of those on gag so i dont understand at this point.


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  • Do you post a lot of similar questions? Do you post similar questions often? That's what I consider spamming.


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  • Ya I tried to promote a side project I'm running. They deleted for spamming.

    Bunch of pussies lol


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  • The question contains links that are posted solely for the purpose
    of selling products, and soliciting services/users.

    Questions made solely for advertisement.

    Also, questions asking for people to rate anyone other
    than oneself, or questions just asking for someone to talk to
    will be removed as "Spam".

    All of the above, are reasons for questions to get
    removed as "spam".

    You can read more in the FaQ:

    Or you can contact the admins/staff directly
    if you have questions or complaints here:

    If you have seen any similar questions not being
    taken down, they may have yet to be seen by the mods.

  • I guess the mods hate you, oh well

    • @MyInternetUserName you better be careful or they will get you for advertising pizza