How to delete pictures from a question?

I know you can't delete questions but can I at least delete pictures? I didn't use an image website like imgur, I used the little gallery button and posted the picture directly from my phone. The picture isn't me and the person who's in the picture changed their mind and wants me to take the picture down now. I tried contacting gag but they never responded


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  • I just noticed the pictures get uploaded to amazonaws now. They aren't just linking anymore o_O This is baaad.

    • Wuuut o. o

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    • Wooow

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  • I hate that. I want all my pictures on here gone too. Umm...
    Let's see if they respond :p


    • I really don't see why we can't delete questions or anything. It's pretty stupid -.-

  • If you contact GAG admin they may help you other then that your out of luck.

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