Do you think more points should be awarded if people answer longer questions?

I feel like its hard to get an opinion on this website for serious and slighly more complex questions over silly short ones. There are loads of people on this site who genuinly need advice but people dont pitch in


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  • To be honest, it's kinda shame that you only get +1 bonus point if you're "the first to answer". That just means you were quick and posted a short answer to get the points, rather than actually establish your opinion. I'm awarded the same amount of 1 XPER for an opinion that's only 140 characters like a tweet, and also if I write 2000 characters and 2 opinion comments... of course people won't put as much effort into it.


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  • Not really. Some people aren't experienced enough or they are mostly young people in the 13-24 age category. It is up to the Questioner or GAG should extend the length of time from 14 days to 30 days to give people to browse and find your question to answer.

  • This is why you use the buddy system by answering questions by friends and getting them to answer your questions.

  • Especially if they give a loooong good helpful answer too!!!


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