GAG APP in the works?

So is GAG going to update and make this website into an App? It would be so much more convenient and helpful!

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  • No we are fine with the website
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  • Hey I asked that question and some anon asssphincter called me lazy. But he didn't like my reply. So he flagged my comment. Pinche puto como chinga. But yeah an app would be coo.

    • Yeah someone else said it was lazy too. Everything is on an app. This site is awesome so why not have it on an app as well? Making it WAYYYY easier to access. When I'm working I like to peak on the site but it's not quick because I have to get on the website log in everytime etc.

    • I'm right there with ya

  • It wouldn't matter, I wouldn't be able to access it anywhere that didn't have free wifi

    • Oh. Not off your phone data like any other phone app can? I want to be able to use this site quicker than I do when in out on the go.

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    • Why even bother saying that if you use the site? I would just like to whip out my phone click an app and see what's been going on. Not have to pull up my web browser log in everytime on my phone.

    • I stand by what I said

What Girls Said 1

  • There is an app already

    • Is there? What's it called?

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    • Apple doesn't have one, it's only microsoft

    • Oh come on:/