Who likes the new update? I LOVE it! ❤️?


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  • I guess I stepped in as they were making the transition and the appearance was pretty shitty. Seems to have gone back to a good appearance and looks good now. As far as the posting from the Feed, that just means more people will post opinions without reading the question, just the title. Too many do that already making for some pretty dumb opinions. We don't need more of that.

    Emoticons, ehh. Makes it a little prettier. Anything els change?

    • Thank you for MHO :-)

      Latest changes put an ad at the bottom as you are singing in. Click on sign in my email before the ad pops up and it still takes you to the ad. I would like to see them move that sign in window up so you can't click on the ad when trying to sign in.

    • You're welcome

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