Why do some moderators have to be such buzz-kills?


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  • I feel that way too sometimes, but they're just doing what is best for the site and GAG admins. Even though it may be annoying sometimes, they're just trying to keep the site safe and friendly to all age ranges. It'd be a shame for the site to have to be shutdown due to angry parents and users.


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  • They're supposed to uphold the "values and mission" of GaG.

    If you want mostly uncensored content or weird discussions, go to Reddit, BlueLight or any of the other thousands of forums that exist on the interwebz.

  • I know they kinda ruin the site

  • SOme of the things on here are downright, dominating, but some of it is OK

  • Actually, I wish they did more of it!! Every day the same shit:

    Men obviously pretending to be teenaged girls... perverts pretending that their fetish is mainstream... The daily race question.., gay question... the bigots... The homophobes... The pontificators... Blacks hate whites/whites hate blacks... atheists are dumbe... theists are dumb

    Leave anything out? (besides anonymous posters? Lol)

    • They remove the wrong questions though in my opinion. I've had like 5 or 6 questions hidden and removed. Most because some females moderators and users reported me for talking about sex which I think is stupid. I wouldn't be bothered if I at least got the xper from all the people commenting. My last post was removed for being irrelevant like seriously! I don't see them removing other irrelevant posts.

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