Why some videos won't open in GaG comments & opinions and questions & polls & myTakes?

Apparently, only Youtube videos are usually opened in comments and polls, but Dailymotion, MySpace, Metacafe, Vimeo and Facebook videos are never opened, why is that?

Basically, I can play all the videos, but only Youtube videos are visible in the box, the other videos are just visible as a link.
Ok, for example, if I put any youtube video, it will open in a box, like this one:


However, if I put some video from e. g Dailymotion, it will not open, you can see only the link:



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  • maybe the owner of the video blocked it from 3rd party sites

    • I thought so too, but it seems that all non-youtube videos are not opened here... but let's make an experiment, try posting some question with any link from MySpace, or Dailymotion, or Metacafe... and see if it's opened in a box...

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    • yup, i tried it and dailymotion vidz aren't posting.

      I'm not sure why.

    • I guess GaG and Youtube have some sort of contract...

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  • Maybe its your browser

    • I don't think so, I've tried with several browsers (IE, Mozzila, Chrome, Safari and Opera). The result is always the same :(
      Have you ever tried to post a question with a video link from Dailymotion, or MySpace, Facebook etc?

    • Could be a website glitch

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  • Never noticed that maybe GaG and Youtube have a contract

  • r u level XPER 1 maybe?

    • No, I'm level 8, Youtube videos are always visible in a box, but other videos don't show themselves (only url link is visible).

    • That happens in most sites dude ^_^

    • Too bad :(

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