How come I have less xper points without any removals?

Yesterday I had 7,001 xper points and now I have 6, 989. What could have possibly happened? I had no removals at all.

I think my xper points are going to keep on decreasing. A few minutes ago I had 6, 989 points and now I have 6, 987 points. What have I done wrong? :o


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  • It seems you have reverted back your avatar to the default one. You had earned 50 Xper points, and that was removed when you reverted back.
    Please check:

    • I keep reverting back to my default avatar several times and I haven't noticed xper points being removed in the past. Plus, I have lost only 14 xper points, not 50, so I doubt that's the reason. Does it mean I'll keep losing points until it reaches to -50? What if I change back to my custom avatar, will I still lose points?

    • You have lost 50, but since you posted opinions you earned some... If you upload a new avatar you will get 50 xper points again.

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  • Don't stress out, Ms. Hollywood!

    This happens to us all sometimes.


    My guess is that you posted opinions / comments on questions, that have been removed from the site,

    or your opinions / comments themselves, were deleted via reporting, or mod / admin deletion.


    This is why it is especially important to not waste your time answering questions / Takes that you feel are spamming, antagonistic, etc.

    You don't want to waste your time answering questions that will be deleted (and your XPer points that u gained from answering it, taken away)

  • Downvotes maybe?

    • I don't think it's the down votes.

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  • You could've had a removal or an accidental flag and it didn't process yet. Did you use any for a giftcards?

    • No, I did not use any giftcards

    • Well your opinion might've been removed or flagged somewhere and the notification didn't come through yet. Bc they haven't recently did any drastic updates to the site.

    • So that means I've got 4 opinions removed because an opinion removal is -3 points and I lost 12 xper points since yesterday. I haven't wrote anything offensive whatsoever. I have no luck :(
      Thanks for your opinion :)

  • Because you answered a question that later got taken down.

    • This it not one of the reasons xper points get lost, though.
      I know all the possible ways points get removed.

    • Cause why will I take penalty of someone else's question removal? XD