My experience on GAG would be so different if ____________________.(Any GAGers want to complete this sentence)?

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  • My experience on GAG would be so different if people weren't so argumentive, bitter and or mad at the world for nothing. On this site, there are way too many people who'll sign in on GAG daily just to be a dick to random people over the web it seems. It shows when __ says anything that doesn't kiss their _ 's virtual ass LOL. The moment that __ doesn't agree with those mad/bitter users, is the moment that those bitter GAGers will go full retard on them via name calling. harassing them on other questions, downvoting them for nothing (who cares about votes LOL) etc y'all see where i'm going with this. But I've always wondered WHY THOUGH? like is that their life goal to bring down someone else any possible since their life sucks currently? -_-

    "Umm, all Imma say is this " IMHO if you TREAT ___ good, they'll TREAT you good" on GAG it seems. That goes for both genders, problems usually arise when you get BITTER and or ARGUMENTIVE people on here just looking to ruin someone's day over nothing. Usually, it's all because of something that has gone wrong with them IRL -_-. SO they chose to come here to vent LOL.

    On GAG, you have people who debate/share their opinion on ___ and leave it at that ^_^. While walking away from the debate with a "virtual" smile on their face when it's all said and done. These 2 GAGers were a perfect example of that @CommieDearest and @SweetNovella since they shared their take on "abortions" AND LEFT IT AT THAT. I must admit that I was shocked because had that been about 90% of other GAGers, someone would have gone bat-shit crazy on the other LOL. We've all seen it happen, right? over something that wasn't even that serious

    I've only had about 2 ANONS talk crap to me in 8 months on here so I'm happy." THAT was a random copy paste of mine which to this day has me shocked since they were so civil about it unlike most users here LOL ^_^

    • says anything that doesn't kiss _ 's virtual ass *

    • life goal to bring down someone else, any way that it is possible, since their life sucks currently? -_-*

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