Is there a way to alert me of notifications?

For instance when i get a reply or something instead of me finding out like an hour late from refreshing the screen is there a way to make it ping or notify me

If not where can i suggest this feature? haha
If they don't take suggestions give me a couple of days to figure out how google addons work and i shall try to make an addon! (i also might utterly fail who knows!)


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  • No, currently there are no instant notifications here. You have to refresh the page to see your new notifications. You can suggest that feature by contacting the admins though :)

    • Thank you :) i shall indeed do that! do you know if there's much chance of it going through

      Also, if not can i do it myself? it would only take an hour or so! :(

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    • Ahhh, satisfying :)
      But what will notify me? ;) oh oh might it be the system i suggested? hmmm i think it could be ;)

      Haha, sorry i'm indulging my brain!
      But again thank you :)

    • Lol you're funny. haha! But no problem :)

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  • There is no way unless you refresh the screen.


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  • maybe if u follow those topics? u'll get an e-mail?

    • Emails? that's the worst type of notification then i have to go and delete it! haha

      But thank you for a reply :)

  • We'll need an application for G@G don't you think?

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