What do 'Editors' do on here?

I've only recently seen this on some people's profiles, what do they do exactly?


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  • Basically, if we write a myTake, it will instantly be promoted without an admin having to check it, we still get the same amount of Xper though. Our editor title only shows up on myTake comments. Editors cannot edit anything! We cannot edit our own myTakes after posting and we cannot edit anyone else's myTakes/Questions.

    • Our myTakes are often featured on the homepage too, but not always, that's usually relationship type takes. They can still be removed for breaking the rules but obviously, GAG has trusted us not to post anything bad/offensive. Honestly, I think GAG just got fed up constantly promoting my myTakes - I post too many :') They could take our titles away if an editor kept posting really bad/offensive myTakes.

  • They write articles relevant to GAG's topics.