Notification extension on chrome?

Was wondering what peoples opinion is on this...
not gotten very far as of yet (I have basic functionality of it showing how many notifications you have)...
I need to refine it and add some noises etc...

It's hard to test this system whilst only using the website casually haha.

But what are peoples opinion on this? would it actually be useful? or am i kidding myself?


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  • No I only get a pop up for my emails. Everything else is as sterile as possible on my laptop. I don't want notifications and ads thanks.

    • O. o i never said ads

      I guess if that's what you're use to, personally i hate having my email sent a lot of notifications. hence the chrome extension.

    • @asker I don't have my email sent a lot, I have windows 8. And oh you are going to charge for this app if there are no advertisements then

      it immidiatly give me a feel of clutter which is exactly what I'm guessing you want to resolve so I know I personally wouldn't want it. Sorry.

    • Nope, it will be free of charge haha.

      What i'm trying to resolve is just a lack of active notifications, i don't like having to manually refresh a website, if i were notified by this extension, it would resolve me doing that :)
      Plus it means things like replying late to someone due to not refreshing will be less of an occurrence!

  • Awesome :)

    I usually log off and delete my cookies, so that would be an issue.

    But so cool you are working on that. I would love to be able to write extensions for Chrome. Is it all in JavaScript, or?

    • I have the spare time due to being in doors a lot haha.
      You just won't get the notifications because you're logged off haha. but it still means whilst you're browsing the internet and doing other things you'll get notified.

      Yeah, Javascript, HTML, and some other languages you can use but it's pretty much pointless!
      With googles API you can do the majority of things.

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    • Erm kind of, I googles API is more of just easy ways to do things with chrome, instead of having to write everything yourself. For instance i can use googles API to access different parts of cookies and sessions easily instead of having to figure out where the cookies are stored for each computer and having to decrypt them myself. Just makes life easier is all

    • Okay, cheers :) I don't think I have ever worked with an API, so it's brilliant to get a personalized explanation. Thank you for taking time to answer.