Can I get advice on my Situation from anyone?

So, Asking on here because there are a lot of people with 10x more Life experience then me, So, Id appreciate some insight from someone else.

Basically, Right now im doing a Carpentry Apprenticeship, Which means, I go to College 2 days a week learning carpentry, And 3 days a week at a Construction company. And, its VERY hard, And im not enjoying it. But, Im very lucky to get on it, Because i quite frankly did shit in school, And being a Qualified Carpenter (After 3 years of doing this Apprenticeship) will probably give me the best Paying job i could ever hope to get with my School grades (Like £13 and hour all the way up to £25+ an hour). Other than that, I am sure id only be able to get some shitty minimum wage job.

Now, I've been thinking a lot about Quitting this Apprenticeship, And Joining the Army. I've always wanted to Join the army, And i was really wanting too when i left school, Though, I was Obese in school, So, Obviously i would have never been fit enough to join, But, Since i left school, I've gone from 230lb to 175lb, With only 15-20lb more to loose. And, I am WAYYYY fitter then i was (Before i couldnt run for more than 30 seconds, Now i can run for like 10+ minutes, Which still isn't amazing, but is better).

So, I dont know what i should do. Do i quit Carpentry, Train for a few months then join the Army? Or do i stay with Carpentry?

I know the Army pays shit (Well, I say shit, Its like £1000 - £1500 per month so its not nothing), But, That dosent even bother me, Its something I've always wanted to do, And it would also get me away from the Shitty life i currently live.

But, On the Other hand, I could be a Qualified Carpenter, And Make what i would in a Month in the Army in just a week.

So, Im not sure what to do. Its a case of a Very good paying job that i dont really like Vs. a bad paying job that i really want to do.

But, Then with army, Once i come out out of it ill struggle to find a job and shit.

So yeah, Advice appreciated.

But, I look around at all the people who do Carpentry, And have been doing it all their lifes, And all they do is complain about how shit it is and how they want to do something else, And, I dont know, I dont want to end up like that in 30 years wondering what the f happened, Is good pay really worth feeling so shit?


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  • As an adult watching many people struggle in life I really recommend you finish your training. All these skills if you avoided school will be important if you don't want to struggle like the majority of people in most countries. after you're done the training and apprenticeship then go to the army a d ensure you develop skills there too on other fields you might enjoy too. Even get certified for whatever skills you develop. Perhaps take. Few classes at a time at your own pace so you have at least a basic education if you ever decide to leave. All the skills and certifications or education on the army plus your trade skill in carpentry will ensure you have a future.


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  • The army is a good resume enhancer. I think they train you in specific skills which is kinda like learning a trade (but a trade you'll enjoy). Don't waste your life perusing a career you won't like. Think of all the people you'll be helping as a Carpenter that may receive bad service just because you don't like your job.

  • you should do what you want to do... Yeah you'll struggle for a bit but you're still young and it's better to do it now than later bc you'll have a harder time as you get older. Also it's not like you can join the army at an old age when you're ready to retire

  • wait sorry, college and 16? :O

    • Yup, We finish school at 15/16 in the UK depending on when abouts your Birthday is in that Particular year, I was one of the Youngest in my Year, So, I finished school at 15 last May, Then, Started college in September when i was 16 (Birthday is 29th july).

      Yeah, Pretty normal to be in college at 16 here ;)

    • oh i didn't know that, actually reaaally cool... i wish we had that too.

      Well i think that if you were to join the army, do it now because its not something you'd be doing in your 40s, while carpentry is. here, veterans are really respected, so there would be benefits when you return (even if pay isn't so great). you could take up carpentry later on in life if you wanted to

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  • Yeah just do what you want to do. If you hate carpentry do you really want to do that for the rest of your life? If I were you I would learn a trade from inside the military that you like.

    • Yeah, I really want to join the Royal Tank Regiment, Become a Tank Crewman. So, Id learn things with Mechanics and stuff.

    • Being a heavy deisle mechanic pays more then carpentry. I'm an aerospace mechanic and I love it it's so awesome and it pays very well.

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